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True or false: To give someone flak is to criticize him or her. *

Someone with élan is *

To attack, or a big party *

Kiln *

All these words refer to a person EXCEPT *

The outer covering of a fruit or seed *

The words "rile" and "roil" are *

True or false: The word "ante" means being opposed to someone or something. *

Which pair of words is LEAST similar? *

The bottom line *

Which of the following is NOT a definition of the word "void"? *

True or false: A person who is glib is thoughtful and sincere. *

Which of the following is edible? *

Gaff *

A crushing defeat *

Which word does not belong? *

Crag *

All of these are musical instruments EXCEPT *

True or false: To flub is to botch something. *

All of these are parts of a ship or boat EXCEPT *