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True or False: IBM stands for International Business Machines. *

AT&T *

Something that is TBA is to be _______ *

Yes, we know the song. But what does YMCA stand for? *

As used in the terms MacOS, Windows OS and iOS, what does the “OS” stand for? *

True or False: In law enforcement, the term “SWAT” stands for Secret Weapons and Teams. *

AARP is known as the American Association of _______ *

PETA and SPCA are organizations concerned with the welfare of *

Who served the longest: FDR, JFK, or LBJ? *

The DJIA is primarily associated with what industry? *

True or False: In the Navy, the word SEAL stands for Sea, Air, Land. *

The P.S. at the end of a letter stands for *

What does the “ABV” on your bottle of liquor stand for? *

The SPF in a bottle of sunscreen stands for _______ Protection Factor *

In online chats and text messages, BRB usually means *

True or False: You must have a prescription to buy OTC medication. *

What does the ’S’ in OSHA stand for? *

What does IQ stand for? *

The governmental agency CDC stands for *

In the auto industry, what does SUV stand for? *