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All of these cities currently have NFL teams named after birds EXCEPT *

This subdivision is the highest level of collegiate football. *

Which of these NFL teams does NOT exist? *

The University of Georgia's team mascot is named Uga. Uga is a _____ . *

Which of these NFL teams is the farthest east? *

The Clemson Tigers call this state home. *

Which of the following players did NOT win a Heisman trophy? *

Which NFL team's logo features an eyepatch? *

True or False: The Buffalo Bills have never won a Super Bowl. *

The NCAA Broncos team plays for a university in this state. *

Green Bay Packer fans wear foam hats shaped like _____ . *

The University of Oklahoma Sooners mascot is called the Sooner Schooner. It is a _____. *

Which of these NFL players is NOT a quarterback? *

This team is nicknamed America's Team. *

All of these NFL teams have the color blue in their jerseys except *

True or False: Florida has more NFL teams than any other state. *

This team's current logo depicts the image of an animal. *

Which of these is NOT an NFL position? *

How many divisions are there in the NFL? *

What does an offensive lineman typically do? *