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What position did Sam play when he was a professional baseball player? *

What was Diane's last name? *

What was Cliff's profession? *

What is the name of the seafood restaurant located above the bar? *

Which actress played Diane? *

What do the other bar regulars usually shout when Norm walks in the bar? *

What is the name of Norm's wife? *

Where is the Cheers bar located? *

What was Coach's nickname when he played baseball? *

Woody married this girl in a spectacularly fiasco-filled wedding. *

In season 8, Cliff was a contestant on this game show. *

True or False: In the series finale, Sam and Diane marry and live happily ever after. *

Which of the following has the longest full name? *

Who was the very last character seen in the final episode of Cheers? *

Why did Diane leave the city? *

Woody is a country boy from this state. *

True or False: At some point in the series, Frasier and Diane were engaged. *

Which of the following was NOT one of the original main characters seen in season 1? *

Which of the following was true of Carla? *

Frasier and Lilith are both *