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Sound travels faster through water than air. *

An electron carries a positive charge. *

K is the chemical symbol for krypton. *

The primary source of energy for the Earth's ecosystem is the sun. *

There are more than 200 bones in the human body. *

The higher the ph level of a substance, the more acidic it is. *

Particles are packed tighter in solids than they are in liquids. *

Jupiter has only one moon. *

Seventy degrees Fahrenheit is hotter than 70 degrees Celsius. *

A magnet has 2 poles: north and south. *

Hydrogen is the lightest of all known elements. *

The Three Laws of Motion were created by Isaac Newton. *

Our fingernails are made of enamel. *

It takes the moon 30 days to make a full revolution around the earth. *

Your ears play an important role in keeping you balanced. *

When you mix oil and water, oil sinks because it is heavier. *

Volume is a measure of how much surface an object has. *

In the visible light spectrum, the color red has the longest wavelength. *

Water consists of two parts oxygen and one part hydrogen. *

An object that has kinetic energy must be in motion. *