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The Brady Bunch theme song begins with this verse: "It's the story of a man named Brady ..." *

The family dog's name was Cooper. *

Alice's beau Sam was the milkman. *

Marcia was the president of a Davy Jones fan club. *

When all 9 boxes of the signature three-by-three grid featured in the show's opening are filled out, the center square is occupied by Carol Brady. *

When Peter wrote for the school paper, his nickname was Scoop. *

Mike got Bobby a parakeet to cheer him up after he sprained his ankle. *

Alice's last name is Wilson. *

Jan is older than Cindy. *

Peter tried to mimic Humphrey Bogart by repeatedly saying "pork chops and gravy." *

Greg and Marcia attended Westdale High School. *

The name of the neighbor's cat was Kitty Karry-All. *

Jan tried to set herself apart from her sisters by wearing a blond wig to a party. *

In their junior high student election, Marcia surprised Greg by conceding the election to him. *

In the Brady home, there was a horse statue on the table at the bottom of the stairs. *

Mike Brady was a college professor. *

Jan uttered the famous line "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" because she felt sorry for her sister and was trying to console her. *

Jan was hit in the nose with a football and had to cancel her weekend plans. *

"Sergeant Emma" was Alice's cousin. *

Peter was the one who threw the ball that broke Carol's favorite vase. *