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Flying fish can launch themselves out of the water and glide in the air. *

In general, gorillas are larger than orangutans. *

Flamingos are strictly vegetarian. *

Butterflies are insects. *

Mice can live for up to 10 years. *

The kiwi isn't just a fruit—it's also a breed of cattle. *

Only warm-blooded animals hibernate. *

A bee has 2 pairs of wings. *

Owls are far-sighted. *

Sheep are nocturnal. *

A Labrador is a type of retriever. *

The Capuchin monkey is the smallest monkey in the world. *

The hippopotamus, despite its large size, is actually docile and harmless. *

Hedgehogs eat slugs. *

Camels store large reserves of water in their humps. *

The meerkat is a breed of cat. *

The opossum is a marsupial. *

Female foxes are called vixens. *

All tigers have yellow eyes. *

The horn of the rhinoceros is made of bone. *