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True or False: Mary the mother of Jesus was the cousin of John the Baptist's mother. *

What was the name of John the Baptist's mother? *

When Ruth declared, “Wherever thou goest, I wilt go,” she was speaking to *

Which of the following was a ruthless, violent queen? *

True or False: None of the books of the Bible are named after women. *

Who was Sarah's husband? *

She was the sister of Moses and Aaron. *

She lived in Jericho and was spared because she helped hide two Israelite spies. *

Where did she hide the Israelite spies? *

True or False: The Queen of Sheba visited King David. *

Delilah was bribed by the Philistines to betray him. *

She had twin sons Jacob and Esau. *

True or False: Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt because she refused to leave their house. *

The woman at the well to whom Jesus first revealed that he was the Messiah was *

When Moses was a baby, he was found in the river by the Pharaoh's *

All of these women in the Bible are unnamed EXCEPT *

True or False: Dinah was an only child. *

Mary and Martha are the names of the sisters of *

When Jesus attended a wedding at Cana, who told him there was no more wine? *

From year to year, she made a coat for her son and brought it to him at the temple. *